The "$10k Website Agency" Workshop


Discover the Powerful Secrets behind building and selling websites that command a high ticket up front fee as well as a monthly recurring revenue.

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What You're Getting Inside:

  • Part 1: The "$10k+ Website" Service from 10k Feet Up. In this section, you'll get a birds eye view of exactly how the service works and how you can deliver high value web presences as a single person digital agency.

  • Part 2: The 3 "Low Hanging Fruit" Niches that are full of 10k Website Customers. In this section, you'll learn exactly who you need to be going after for this kind of sale (and why these folks are already looking for you).

  • Part 3: How to approach prospective customers and get them interested in getting your help with their Premium website. In this section, you'll learn exactly what we "dangle" in front of perspective customers to get them to talk to us.

  • Part 4: The "Big Winner Small Pitch" script that we use to pitch our 10k+ Websites. In this section, you'll learn the exact way that we pitch the websites to make it a "no brainer" for the business to sign up with us to build their $10k+ Website.

  • Part 5: How to Build a Premium Website that commands a $10k+ Price tag (with monthly recurring added in). In this section, you'll learn exactly how we've turned building high quality websites into something that only takes a week to put together and how you can do it over and over again.

  • Part 6: The $10k+ Website Accessory Pages. In this section, you'll learn about the special "add-on" pages that we build to take the conversion of our websites through the roof. This is how we turn each "$10k Website" into a conversion machine for our customers.

  • [Bonus #1] 30 Days Free Access to our Page Builder/Hosting Platform. You're getting access to the exact tool that we use to build and host all of our Premium Website for both our business and for our customer's businesses.

  • [Bonus #2] How to find and close your first $10k+ Website deal in the next 30 days. In this section, we'll show you exactly what you need to do on day 1 to get your first client contacted, closed, and their site built within 30 days.

  • [Bonus #3] How to hire a sales person to sell your $10k+ websites for you (so that all you have to do is fulfill). In this section, we'll walk through how you can hire someone to help you do all of the reach out and selling so you can focus your efforts on the site and quality control in your agency.

  • [Bonus #4] Your own $10k website for your agency (to show off what you can do). It's important for your website to showcase the exact quality that you're selling. We're going to set you up with you own "$10k Website" for your Agency to do just that.
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