The 20 Minute Agency Salespage


Discover the Powerful Online Sales Page Template that we use to attract, captivate, and close our Agency Customers without every having to speak to them in person.

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What You're Getting Inside:

  • Part 1: The "20 Minute Salespage" Template. You're getting access to the template and you'll learn exactly what every section of the "20 minute salespage" does (exactly how it excels at converting browsers into customers for your Agency).

  • Part 2: How to Customize the "20 Minute Salespage" Template for your Agency. You'll learn exactly how to customize the template for the niche you're after and for the service that you want to sell (and how to do it all in around 20-60 minutes).

  • Part 3: How to Use Facebook to get Customers with your "20 Minute Salespage". You'll exactly how we use Facebook to get our salespage in front of ideal customers (without looking like a desperate spammer).

  • Part 4: How to Use Instagram to get Customers with your "20 Minute Salespage". You'll learn the exact process that we use to generate new leads daily and get your salespage in front of your ideal customers.

  • Part 5: How to Use Email to get Customers with your "20 Minute Salespage". You'll learn how we integrate the salespage into our email so that every email interaction turns into a sales opportunity.

  • Part 6: How to turn your "20 minute Salespage" into your Primary Business Card (template). You'll see exactly how we turn the salespage into a business card that we use in person (this is how we are always ready to setup a deal to close).

  • [Bonus #1] 30 Days Free Access to our Page Builder/Hosting Platform. You're getting access to the exact tool that we use to build and host all of our 20 minute salespages for both our business and for our customer's businesses.

  • [Bonus #2] How to Turn the "20 Minute Salespage" Template into a Service for your Agency. You're also going to learn how to turn the Salespage Template into a service that you can offer to your agency customers (and what to charge them for the opportunity).

  • [Bonus #3] How to Use the "20 minute Salepage" to Close 1-2 sales a week from home. You're also getting access to the day by day plan for using the "20 minute salespages" to close clients. You're whole week's schedule is locked in and all you have to do is follow the plan.
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